Where you are today

Where you are today is where you are supposed to be

Just a few weeks ago I planned to be in the woods. It was so very meaningful to just be in nature, walking, hiking and exploring. There were some planned activities because it was a yoga retreat, but even the yoga was filled with breathing in and breathing out the wonders of my soul. Find your soul because it will still be here when you are gone. Your soul lives on forever in touch with nature. Your soul does not focus on the past or future; it just is.

Your soul is the best part of you!

A cabin in the woods is an excellent place to be. Just sit, wonder in the woods and be with nature

A cabin in the woods is an excellent place to be. Just sit, wonder in the woods and be with nature

The world unfolds daily as it should no matter where you are or what you are doing

You still have to motivate yourself to do the things you need, plan your desires and help others. You are here on this Earth to find your place and then plan meaningful ways to stay where you need to be.

Therefore do not waste your time  with struggling  too much or being right.




Just be with yourself and your soul
Let yourself be.

Be still once a day in meditation or prayer, not thinking about what you have to do, or ruminating on past happenings that did not work out. Be still and just breathe in and out slowly for about 20 minutes.
Begin to accept things the way they are in the present.

Do not have unending discussions with yourself on any regrets you have about the past; let the past be like the future.

You know what happened to you in the past but you cannot change that anymore than you can find out what will happen to you in the future.
Focusing on right now
Focus on your life right now, and how you can make it better for you and others.

Be your own best friend and find meaningful work that you are passionate about, and give yourself to others so they can grow too.