Love Lost

After the storm, what is left of the memories?

After the storm, what is left of the memories?


After the Storm, there is Sunshine Again

After it was over, there were tears but still smiles to help settle down the pain.
” Thought you were the one I was supposed to be with the rest of my life,” I said softly to myself.
” I thought there  was romantic love that lasted forever, unyielding, forgiving and sturdy like a strong oak weathering the storm with its strong branches and trunk.


But I was wrong. What forever turns out to be is time passing with memories that may seem clear at times but most are foggy, unclear and tearful reminders of love lost.
The bad feelings and anger  can ease with time, leaving the good to ponder upon every so often. But do not get stuck in that pondering too long because memories of times past should be put away.

You want to go on and find another soul mate but the only mate you will have after this loss is your own spiritual self telling you things will pass and you will be fine.

Romantic Love

Does romantic love really exist? Or is it an infatuation that goes away after about 7-10 years.

If falling in love is not true, then people should stop writing about how great romance is, because it is only good for a short time, and then if your companionship is not strong enough, love is lost in the wind. Some would say that that is what it is all about, love found and love lost.

This is why savoring the moment is the key; reaching too much into the future or ruminating on the past and how good or bad it was can limit your ability to heal from your losses.

We all have our passions, and romantic love is just another one that has to be tended to in order for it to survive. There are people out there who have weathered the storms and are still together for better or worse!

New Beginnings
After years pass,  the sorrow subsides from lost loves and new beginnings do come.

And then the past becomes so unfocused that you are not sure of the memories and their accuracy.

When the reminders come back

So if you see that lost love again after many years have past, you may not  be  sure who they are, or what they stand for, even if you had spent many years with this person, there is only  a blurry memory tucked away somewhere.

And there may still be some anger attached to that memory that you do not know what to do with because it just wonders around your head wondering, ” what happened to me and my lost love?”