Mom’s Way

My mom would have told me to go with my passion, finding my way through life with a rumble.

She was soft, yet hard.

Easy going, but strong in conviction.

No one seemed to know how strong she really was, and I am just beginning to realize how much she struggled.

Her life was like a great blizzard where you did not get to see what was right in front of you.


She was not a take charge person  herself but  she did help her children  to be sturdy and strong.

When you look through someone else's eyes what do you think you would see?

When you look through someone else’s eyes what do you think you would see?

She was strong inside, you could tell by looking at her that she had been through a lot in her many years.

But she kept silent about things that may have been troubling her.

I was  not always sure why she was silent but as I age I have  become more silent myself about my own distress.

Until now, I always thought I should have confronted her about all her secrets and hidden passions.


Something stopped me, I believe it was her tears when she was asked even general questions about her past.

But some things are better unknown,  like a great snowstorm coming in and sticking to everything covering life with  a blanket of cold.

The truth is the strongest passion known to man.

But as passionate as truth can be, it is not always tolerable to hear or experience.

The blanket of snow will always cover my mother’s life, and I will help it stay there because I know that is the way she wanted it. She was a good, kind, wonderful person who had things happen to her that may have not been intentional, but hurt intensely like a burning pain that never goes away.

My life also had unfortunate happenings that I had no control over, therefore I know how it feels to have passions unfulfilled, and love not returned.

But I, unlike my mother still have time to complete some things that will help my life to be more meaningful and complete.