A Beacon of Joy

Within yourself is a spiritual being trying to help you to be still and enjoy  life

Seeing spirit in the beauty of nature, even in the winter when everything is still

Seeing spirit in the beauty of nature, even in the winter when everything is still

Sometimes, especially in the winter months we find ourselves with a low mood that is hard to get rid of, but you can. You can turn  yourself around by putting some meaningful events into your daily life.

Small Meaningful Activities Such As Cooking

Even small activities that perk up your mood such as cooking some soup. You control the ingredients, and can make your soup low sodium! A good for you moment.


There is much love in cooking. I remember watching my mom and nana when they prepared meals. Their smile told it all!  When you do things from scratch, it always  taste better, so experiment with some cooking today.

The number one thing that helps you with your inner soul is daily exercise. Even if it is just for a few moments, do something. I enjoy both passive ( yoga) and active ( walking or jogging) exercise.

Inspire Yourself

Daily meditation and inspiring readings along with starting an affirmation journal can also be a guide for your inner soul.

Spirituality can be with you through prayer.

Spirituality can  also be a self discovery of  your inner self through nature and  taking comfort in all living beings. Watch birds singing in the snow, follow a chipmunk looking for some food.

Inner Wisdom: Gratitude and Joy

Explore your spiritual inner self through your inner wisdom, giving thanks for your health and the abundance you have in life.

Joy should be a continuous path in your life, finding joy and happiness in your daily tasks, even tasks such as cleaning and taking care of your home should be done with joyfulness!

Every breath you take should breathe in joyful moments.

Become a beacon of joy. Close your eyes and see joyful moments in your vision.

And if you want more joy, give joy to others through good deeds and actions. Whatever it is that you want, you should give to others, and this will come back to you. Every good act brings about a domino of good deeds and love.