What pushes you to do things? do you wait too long?

What pushes you to do things? do you wait too long?


I give myself a daily push just to weather the storms here on the East Coast!

Excuses…. Excuses…

In the winter we seem to have every excuse known to mankind not to do the things we need to do because of the weather!

We blame everything on the snow, even our lack of motivation to move!

When the sun is not shining, and it is in is down to 3 degrees, I guess that is a good excuse to stay indoors. So what do you do?

Even the most positive people that I know have winter woes!

Sometimes we need to push ourselves so that we can do greater things, and then this thing called Momentum kicks into our lives.
It is what keeps us going strong.

If you need a push now and then to start out on an new project, or just feel like hiding out because the weather is so bad- get a push from a friend.

Join together to do something active like walking in the snow.

Did you ever notice how much fun kids have with snow?
If the outdoors is not your thing, or you do not live in cold weather, a good talk with a friend many send you off on some new challenges!
Or, challenge yourself by finding some interesting things to do that are new to you. I find a good challenge in trying to change my diet. Eating differently,  fruit and vegetable fasting, drinking more water, being conscious of portions, especially during the winter when I feel hungry all of the time!

If you are like me, you may need a push to get your started on your way toward a healthy goal.  And make sure that your goals are reasonable because when that momentum kicks into high gear you want to be successful and positive!

What is your challenge this time of year?