Finally Finding Peace

When I look through my window I find peace in silent snow

When I look through my window I find peace in silent snow


I have passed through this way before.

Do you remember a time when you thought you had done something before?

Or have been to a place that was so familiar that you thought you had been there?
This is where your peace is. It might only be in your mind’s eye, but it is there.


We are all old souls who have passed this way before. Our physical being is just one aspect of our entire mind, body and spiritual presence. We will pass by here again, until we get it right. Therefore you better start doing some good things in this lifetime so that you can finally find some peace and happiness.

Old Souls

Are there some puzzling things in your life that have some missing pieces?
I love puzzling things, they challenge me to work on them.

I have even made paintings that I can add a piece to every so often so that the picture becomes something different.
How do your find your missing pieces in life?

Are you struggling with finding some meaningful things to do?

Challenge yourself today with doing something you have never done before, and include someone with you in your efforts to find peace and happiness.