Finding Your Way


Snow almost seems everlasting, sticking to the trees and their branches so tenderly

Snow almost seems everlasting, sticking to the trees and their branches so tenderly

My Way

Finding my way has been a struggle recently.

I have found that staying in the present is good, but I also have to find a new way of living life meaningfully.




Make Change a good thing in your life

Change is good for me, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut, wanting things to stay the same so that I don’t have much stress. But the truth is, stress is important to living life. We do need some!

The Aging Process

As you age,  things that used to matter, do not seem as important.

A few quick examples include making lots of money, finding your dream house! The dream house goes away as you begin to down-size everything about yourself.

Discover Yourself

Personal self-discovery moments seem to surface more, blooming into only doing what feels good to you. Some of us even start new careers at mid-life; trying to capture something different! Others find ways to put themselves on the map with some great moments. There are people who write their first novel after 50!

Beauty and Wellness

Maybe what you are looking for is right in front of you!

You start to see the beauty in little things as you wander down your life’s path, trying to figure out where you went wrong, and where you went right!

Hopefully, the right things become what you focus on as you have more time to just be.

What is truly important, becomes your mantra in life.  Putting the not so good things that you have been through behind you is better for your mental health.

Tell others about some of your stress-less adventures.

Your Spirit Sours

Finding ways to come to terms with your life becomes a sort of spirituality; your life turns into something creative and challenging. Challenge yourself to try some new adventures in life that you may not have done yet, or you want to do better.