Loving Life

When I travel to cozy places I am grateful, and loving what life brings to me.

When I travel to cozy places I am grateful, and loving what life brings to me.

Does Misery Really Love Company?

Whenever I think of people who seem to be miserable, I wonder why they cannot love life. You only live for a short time on this Earth, you need to learn how to love yourself, others, and everything about living.


Maybe grumpiness is a sign of aging. Your body is telling you it is growing older, and your mind follows along! I believe that we can push our way past grumpiness into a pleasant existence by changing a few things about ourselves. The first thing is to stop talking about what you do not have. Talk about what you do have!

Stop talking about others and your opinion of what they do, or where they are going in life. Stick to yourself, and what you want to accomplish and bring to your life. Find ways to help yourself through some self-examination that is truthful about you, writing down some things that you want to change about yourself.

You cannot afford to be negative, even for a moment, so when you catch yourself, change the negative thought into a more positive one. Sit quietly each day of your life for at least 1/2 hour to contemplate on staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Living through the struggles
Living life is a gift. Even if you are struggling right now with some challenges that seem hard to deal with, it is also part of living life.
Every day there will be something that gets in your way of a smile, but smile anyway.
Even when it is very difficult, try to be happy and content with what you have in your life.

Keep peace with your soul. Love yourself. Begin to envision the world as a beautiful place to be.