Creative Things

Special Things

Look through your window of life. What do you see?

Look through your window of life. What do you see?

How Creative are you? Can you look at something and see the beauty?

Everyone is creative, they just may not know it. In order to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit, creative moments help.

Creativity comes in all areas of living. You do not have to be an artist to be creative.
Creative thinking is involved in all aspects of life. Are you good with your money? Do you know how to save or invest? This can be your creative side.
Even people who work with computers will tell you that sometimes you have to be a very creative soul to find out what may be ailing a computer; not just viruses.


My creative moments come with my writings. I love teaching people how to be more creative so that  life is calmer, more centered and balanced.
It is not just about taking up painting or drawing. Creative moments can come when you have an “awe” moment. The moment that you feel things are clicking for you, and you are on a roll. The moment that things seem to be in order such as looking through a window at a quiet moment in time, and seeing a special vase that your mom held dear.

In my picture of life

In my picture of life there is a special green vintage glass vase that I remember was always on my mom’s hallway table. Now it sits near my window.

When I was a child, I walked by  the vase every single day as I passed the hallway to the steps leading to my bedroom, never giving it a second thought. Today I hold it dear, close to my heart, and would never part with it because my mother loved it.
Try something new today and have a creative moment.