Staying Centered

Love the way things are. Look at the contrast of browns and whites on a snowy day

Love the way things are. Look at the contrast of browns and whites on a snowy day

Learning about Yourself

The holidays are over so now you can get yourself centered and balanced again. No more excuses, it is time to get going on those goals you may be developing. And remember that although you would like to complete all of your resolutions, do not put pressure or stress on yourself in doing so.

Things will happen as you pick away at your goals. Remember that even after you are gone, there will still be things you did not complete so finish the more meaningful goals first.



You are more enlightened about life than you may believe: Your mind, body and soul can tell you what is needed:

Your Physical Being

I was thinking today that I may have to step it up a bit on the exercise, or find more creative ways to move, especially in the winter months.
The things that I do in the summer are more varied. I can run, walk, ride my bike. But in the winter, walking outdoors and the gym are my options right now but I can walk fast because I do have cleats on bottoms of my boots!
I could buy some more equipment – or take up a new hobby such as skating, skiing but not interested right now. My physical thing has to be user friendly and easy to just get up and do.

My basement is always an option too! I have a treadmill and elliptical! But those basement exercise routines get old fast.
So if you live in the cold like I do, you better start to get creative, or expect to gain weight.  For some odd reason, the cold weather makes you feel hungry all the time. I think it is your body telling you it needs some fat to keep warm.

So fight hard against the weight gain in the winter months!

The rest of my being loves guidance. For my mental self, I feel a good book helps. Something different than I am used to reading to trigger some added zing.

My spiritual self is guided by my physical being. Walking and being in touch with nature is wonderful.

What helps you to stay centered in the winter months?