Blue Moon

A blue gaze wraps around the moon on occasion, and this gives reason to believe in the powerfulness of color

Moon Gazing

Moon Gazing

Blue gives us both strength and weakness at the same time. The softness of blue, and the strength of the moon.

But sometimes when entering troubled times in our lives, we do not think of things that in the past helped us to center and balance our lives.

I have a large amount of alternative modalities that I keep handy in troubled times and use them on occasion when I need.

A good New Year’s Resolution may be to develop some ways to be kind to yourself and others.


Breathing in and Breathing Out

I speak on the breath a lot, but it is so very important to your well being. Taking slow deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth for the count of 5 in, and for the count of 7 out. You can also use your voice with these exercises by using a hah on the way out. This helps to clear everything out of your system.

Taking Moments for Yourself

Many people are in a constant state of doing. Find some non-doing time every day where you just sit and be. Be with yourself. Finding out about you. Stay focused on the moment and the breath, and breathe in harmony and breathe out peace in your life.


Any kind of moment goal can be helpful to you. A short walk in cold weather can be invigorating!  Trying some new indoor movement such as yoga. Getting on the floor in your living room doing yoga poses just for a few minutes can wake up your soul.


You may or may not be ready to meditate but try it. Get cozy on a pillow by just sitting on the edge of it. Use a cross-legged yoga asana, and the pillow will help you to stay straight in your pose.  If you cannot just focus, use your breath to quiet your soul. Breathing in, lift up your arms and look up, breathing out- arms come back to center in prayer. Do this for a few moments in time and you will be calm and centered. The time will go by, and you will see that you had your first meditation practice.

Music and the soothing response

Relax to some soothing music for a few moments each day. Sit or lie down for your soothing response to happen, and it will happen if you allow yourself to just be in this moment in time.

Let your Spirit Soar

Find your own ways to be centered and balanced in living life. You can enlist your own special ways of keeping yourself free of stress and anxiety by coming up with your own ways of soothing yourself.