Living Life Well

Strive Toward Happiness and Living Well

Sit or walk and ponder on some of the things that you may need to do this year to make your life better.

Sit or walk and ponder on some of the things that you may need to do this year to make your life better.



What does the New Year Bring into Your Life?

It is on this day, the first day of the New Year, you may be full of wishes and thoughts about the future.

But what is it that you truly need to do this year?

Do you need to change something about you that has been bothering you?

Or are you looking for something you cannot seem to find?



Self Improvement is my key
I try self improvement methods every year. I try to give up on something that may not be working very well for me, and replace it with something new and fresh. This can be difficult because I seem to add new things all the time, and not give up something!
This year I will let go

Not sure what to do, but I know it will be concerning my health, and the health of others. I truly believe in Karma. Paying things forward, helping others who need it, and even those who don’t need help! I just love helping. So I move on down the road finding peace in my karmic quest. It is very fulfilling being able to have the time to help now that I have retired. I believe that what I have been doing for the past 5 years has not only helped others, but also helped me.


Keeping myself mentally healthy by helping others to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit
As a yoga teacher, I help others to get in touch with their inner soul so that they can learn how to decrease anxiety and maybe even decrease blood pressure and other difficulties in living including their physical flexibility and balance.
My role? I believe that that by helping others, I am also helping myself. That is living life well.

As a Wife, Mother and Friend

I lost my mom this year. It is hard to speak those words because it has only been a few months. This loss is very significant to me, so much that I have re-thought many of the things that I am doing, and that is why I am slimming down my “new quests” is life. I feel that I may have to concentrate on just a few things now, to make life even more meaningful.


My role concerning my family has increased a bit this year. I babysit more, I give more advice than I used to, and I feel happier about the way my family is evolving, including my relationship with my husband. Relationships all need tending, just as we tend to our gardens, we need to tend to our relationships in order for them to blossom.


Never forget to give time to your friends too, family is important, but extending help to your friends, or even potential friends is important too.

Live life well in 2014.