Wishing for the Moon

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Favorite things to do 

My mom spent much time telling us her favorite sayings.

She took us to the moon and back with her special saying- ” Do you want a trip to the moon?”
Mom always had something special to say that  took us by surprise, and we would struggle a bit to find the meaning she had for us. Mom’s inner messages where always there. What she wanted was for us to be happy, and she was always showing us the way.

Today, while thinking back to a time when I was young, I thought about wishes and hopes for the future. I wish for a lot of things. But I only hope for one thing- being happy.

Future Goals

You may have things you want to accomplish in your life. Find ways in your present moment to find what you need to make your life one meaningful moment after another. Even if you do not complete every goal that you have on your list, being happy should be at the forefront of everyone’s list.

Find some favorites. Things that you like to do every single day, making your day full of fun. My favorite thing to do is take pictures. I try to do this every day so that I can share them with others. Other favorites include cooking. I was not always thrilled by cooking, but today it is something I find fulfilling in my life, helping me to be more creative!

Another thing that many of us should explore is our creativity. Pick something that you really enjoy and expand upon it. For example, try painting or charcoal drawings. Even if you have never done it before, you may be surprised at how well you do. These small new expressions help you to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

My mom’s favorite creativity was crocheting. She became very proficient at the craft.

Every time I look at the moon, I now see mom, wishing she was here. Someday, I will find mom probably on the moon with its bright white light.