Learning to be Still


Breathe in love for yourself, and breathe out a new relaxed you

With the holidays approaching, you need some time to learn how to de-stress yourself.

With the holidays approaching, you need some time to learn how to de-stress yourself.

In touch with yourself
If you want to begin a practice of getting in touch with yourself, begin with the breath.
Daily living may seem difficult and even stressful if you do not take care of yourself with some slowness of breath.

Begin your practice with a deep inhale for the count of 5 and then an even longer exhale for the count of 7; getting out all that bad air!

I like to breathe in deeply through my nose, and then out through my mouth making an “ah” sound like I am huffing a bit after standing in line at the grocery store!

Your Mind, body and Spirit
There is much study on the fact that people who take time to care for themselves; not only the physical self, but all the selves, are healthier individuals.
So take some time for you.
Start with a daily walk, not just for the exercise, walk for pleasure, walk for your spiritual self.
Your physical body will eventually deteriorate; this is a fact. But your spiritual self will live on! Therefore, you better learn about yourself and this spirit inside of you.

As you age, the material things in life do not seem to matter as much. That is your spirit telling you to be still and really listen to what you need to do to stay healthy and full of energy on your second half of life.

If you want to stay as healthy as possible in your aging self, then tend to what is important in life.  Take the time to explore yourself in mind, body and spirit, and fill your time with meaningful life experiences that count. Things that make you say; “Awesome.”

The first time I heard someone say awesome, I thought it was a great word, replacing, “wow” in my book~

Find some awesome moments that make you smile each day. Savor some moments in the present, think of things in your past that make you smile, and do not focus on the future, it will be here for you. Stay positive, stay centered, feel the Earth beneath your feet planting you in stillness.