Moving Forward

Your present moment can be still and calm with soft snow quietly passing by your gaze

Your present moment can be still and calm with soft snow quietly passing by your gaze



Moments in  your past

When you look at your life in the past, most people will tell you to put it away. But I feel that you should take some moments with you that are positive  to focus on in the present.

Learning from  your experiences, and remembering those important moments in life that may have seemed insignificant in the past are important things to hang on to.

The first thing that I think about in my past are the birth of my children, and for most people, this is very significant.


Babies that put a smile on your face

Another significant memory is when my daughter and I found a baby blue jay.

At the moment it did not seem like such a big deal.

And we gave the bird  to our neighbor who was the mender of the neighborhood.

She nursed that baby back to health. A few months later she showed Sarah and I the bird, and it was amazing! The bird was well and full of energy. Peg said it was time to let the bird go off to nature.

But the truly miraculous thing was that the bird kept coming back to us when we were on the porch, landing on my daughter’s shoulder, thanking us for the help.  So if you think that those birds up there have no awareness of life and the living, you better take another look at nature.

Acknowledge the best moments and let go of the not so good:

Begin to know how much you truly have

You can change things about yourself by re-writing your story to a more positive one. If you do not have enough good times from your past to keep with you in your present moment, change your perspective on some of your memories, remembering that even some of the not so good moments are lessons learned well.

Take those lessons with you, and find ways to allow them to help you in your present moments.

My not so pleasant moments concern relationships I had in the past, and I truly believe that even the failed relationships helped me to build a sound one now. For example, I do not argue my point of view in my present relationships.

As a matter of fact, I hardly even raise my voice. What I found out was that arguing never got me anywhere in the past, so I use that lesson in the present, listening to my partner, and commenting on how I feel instead of yelling about my opinion.

Loving relationships need nurturing, not arguing. This lesson has brought me much insight into my present relationships, and not just my personal ones.  Changing your perspective on things can really help you to move forward into the present moment which can be much more pleasant and calm in your home, with your friends and at work.

A pleasant person is easier to get along with.