Add Some Challenges

The Frozen Pond at Taylor Park, Hamburg,  NY: It looks so still and peaceful this time of year

Add some challenges to your life. Add photography to your adventures.

Add some challenges to your life. Add photography to your adventures.


Some new ideas

If you are bored or discontent with life as it is, add some new things that challenge your life.

I try to do something different every now and then to add spice to my life. And when it gets old,  I move on to other challenges, ( most of the time.)



Educate yourself in some things you have interest in

Education is a good example of challenging yourself. Every once in awhile I take a course on a topic of interest and I am always so very surprised at how much I  have learned.

Are you fearing change?

If you don’t do things because of fear, you need to just plunge in there and take a chance.

So what if you fail! Failure is not the end of the world, it is how we learn, through trial and error.

So make some mistakes and take some chances. What do you have to lose?

Small baby steps may be where you should start if you have fear of failure.

Making your Life Better

There is nothing gained in your life if you do not at least take a chance on something. You will never know what you have missed.

In my long career I have tried many different jobs. I was a nurse, became a counselor, and then supervisor, and finally a yoga teacher. During that time, I also kept up with my artistic side and went from painting on furniture to making broaches to recently adding earrings, necklaces and even hand made pillows. I have tried crochet, knitting and even tie dye tee shirts.

I also used model magic to make 3 dimensional sculptures~ I made so many that I finally decided to quit when they stopped making the model magic  in the large volume size.

My artistic adventures led to teaching others my craft too. I taught many people how to make jewelry of all kinds!

What a life!

And many an authority agrees that you will have at least 5 different careers in your life.  Mine have evolved over the years.

Good luck with your challenges~