Everyone’s Mom


Sitting by the window

On cold days, mom would sit by the window crocheting as she waited for us to get off the school bus.

On cold days, mom would sit by the window crocheting as she waited for us to get off the school bus.


Thinking back on my mother last night. There were so many beautiful moments in time that I had tucked away. They flood through my mind now, especially at night when I am relaxed and in the moment. Sometimes I just lay awake thinking about her and the special moments she brought to my life.

Gentle and Kind
Mom was mother to everyone she met. She would always offer you something. Gifting was her specialty. They were the gifts of special meals, a thoughtful question on how you were doing, or just sitting with you to pass the time.


During the good times and struggling time

When times were tough, mom was there for me with comforting words, and when I was  doing well, she was there cheering me on.

She always encouraged me to challenge myself. She would ask me to play the piano or organ for her because music was special to her and she struggled learning how to play an instrument. She would say,” Play the piano, it is something you do well.” I would play for her, testing my knowledge of many songs, challenging myself on the more difficult ones because she would know when I made a mistake!

Blessed by a soft presence
If you knew my mom, you were blessed by her presence at some time in your life. Her gifts were large. Some people may not think that another person’s presence and acknowledgements are gifts. But the gift  of letting someone know that you are there for them is precious.
Gift Giving
Your gift giving should be what others need. A kind word, a bear hug, a meal prepared with love.
This week as you prepare for your holidays, think about what you can give someone else that will be so meaningful that they remember it the rest of their lives.
My mom gave me memories of love, caring for others and the importance of having family around you.