Remembering differently



This is the way things are…

Sometimes you just need to take a walk and see life.

Sometimes you just need to take a walk and see life.

It seems that when the holiday approach, it is time for thinking back to times past that may seem better, or maybe not.

It is all about how your remember things. And you can change your memories to more positive ones if you concentrate on what you need.

Desires and Intentions

I desire a lot of things, and my intentions are mostly about staying on the positive side of life. For a specific intention, I try to concentrate on things that would make my life better such as de-cluttering.

I have been trying to get rid of things I do not need or want for many years. This helps me to think clearer, and live more pleasantly.

I guess I intend on keeping this de-cluttering idea on the back burner since I still have a lot of clutter. I have gotten rid of many things, but I still have a lot of clutter!

But at least I know that I need to clean up my act!


Memories can be pleasant, but some are not. Find ways to change some of your cluttered up memories to more pleasant ones.

I like to daydream and change the way I think about some of my more unpleasant memories. For example, I had some failed relationships in the past, but I do believe that there was a lot of good that came out of  my failures, like my children.

Had I not entered into relationships in the past, I would not have the wonderful relationships that I have with my children.

Memory Clarification

Try some memory clarification yourself.  Think of something that your feel was a failure in the past, and find some good in it. There is always some good in every situation. And if your cannot find it, keep trying, because it is worth the struggle.


Remembering the Good Times

When people pass in your life, it becomes clear how much you miss them.  And you may ruminate on pleasant moments with that special person, remembering those special times, and things that they said to you that made you smile.

My mom always put me back into reality when I was troubled. She would say, you only live once, so try to be as happy as you can.

And every once in awhile she would take me to the side and tell me that she had a troubled life, and a lot of bad things happened to her.

But that was in the past, she would tell me, and we all should think about what we are doing right now.