Getting it Right

Sometimes I just like to sit and think about things instead of talking.

Sometimes I just like to sit and think about things instead of talking.

Getting it right is not always easy. You may have to struggle for many years trying to say and do the right things. You may even think that you are right, and find out later that you were really off course with what you did. Sometimes you don’t even know that you are traveling down the wrong path until someone tells you, and even then you may not believe that you are wrong!


For example, putting your foot in your month with words that you should have thought about longer is a favorite to many people.

I often jump the gun and put my foot in my mouth, wishing I had never said something.  But I know I can change with some practice.
If I could take back about half of what I have said in the past, I would, but prevention is the key in most circumstances!

And since it is impossible to go back in time, and right some of your wrongs, you better start now with some thoughtful words to others.

Begin by forgiving yourself and others who you feel have harmed you in any way.

Letting go always helps.

Even with all the struggles that may have begun with someone else’s words, it just does not matter. A fresh start with a smile on your face may be all that you need to do for now.

And remember that prevention is always the way to go.

Think before you leap into something that will be hard to get out of!

You may never get it completely right, but keep on trying!

It takes your mind, body and spirit to gather together and make it right.

Your mind to find a good solution, your body to show you the way and your spirit to guide you in difficult times.