Right in the middle: Staying Centered


Reminding yourself

I have been trying to remind myself that I need to stay in the middle; not too happy, not too sad, just gathering myself together to stay centered.

When I delve into self-pity or sadness, I consciously try to come around to a center or middle as my own personal yin and yang of living.

I believe that things just are as they should be.

I believe that things just are as they should be.

The world is upside down at times

When there is chaos in your world, and you may be doing too many things, you may have to regroup and try something different.

The Holidays
Staying centered during the holidays is one of those things that you may have to work at staying centered.

The holidays are one of the most stressful time of year ranking up there with death, so get out the lavender and begin using it for some calming efforts.


Wishing I could get past this
I would love to believe that I have it all figured out!

That I can stay centered and balanced because I practice yoga, walk at least a few miles a day, and remind myself to stay in the middle like goldie locks. ” This bed is too hard, this one is too soft, and this one is just right!”

Those famous words should be a good reminder that you have to try things out for awhile until you get it just right. So try on some smiles today.

Center yourself every time you catch yourself saying or doing something negative!