Staying in Balance as the Pendulum Swings

Just Sitting

Find some quiet time to think about things

Find some quiet time to think about things


You do not have to let that special person in your life go. Even in times of great loss, you can find your way to hang onto someone through reminiscing. That person may have helped you in the past when you needed some balance and centering in life. When you are troubled, find time to sit and think about what that person  would have done in your place.

Every time that I think of my mother I try to go back to a memory that was meaningful, especially when mom gave me advice.
She was soft spoken, and did not advice very often; mom just listened to your troubles and nodded. Even when she knew that I may have been traveling down the wrong path, she would just listen.

And  every once in awhile, she would comment on how she felt, or how something similar had happened to her.
Mom was tolerant, staying in the middle of things, keeping her balance, not too negative, not too positive about things.

Since her death, I have been practicing tolerance. Catching myself in an imbalance, and correcting myself back down the middle path.
My pendulum swings softly, and I try my best to not give advice, but just listen.
Wish she were here to remind me when I put my 2 cents in, that staying neutral is always the middle of the perfect pendulum swing.

Time will pass quickly so do what you need to do
As time passes by you, remember that you will be around for a set number of days, therefore, stay in the middle of things, not too corrective of others, but not always in agreement.

Being in the middle does not mean that you do not tell people how you feel about things. It means that you watch yourself carefully, choose your words well, and never lose sight that your purpose in life is  to be there for others by listening carefully to what they need to say, and offering a shoulder to cry on, or a  hand to hold; and on occasion, an opinion.