I Love You To The Moon and Back


The beauty of nature at its best in the winter. Mom would bundle us up to go out and play.

The beauty of nature at its best in the winter. Mom would bundle us up to go out and play.

Loving you

When my mom passed, our family would talk about mom’s favorite sayings.

As a child I still remember mom telling us she was going to “give us a trip.” And if we mentioned where, she would always say, “to the moon.”

Growing up
As I aged, I never thought too much about her special ways and the special things she always said  until my niece told me that mom would tell her that she ” loved her to the moon and back.”

Since mom never told me anything about the moon unless she was a bit irritated with me, I thought that Missy was her special one.
And that is good, because mom needed special people around her. She was such a kind soul that many people found her to be especially loving and kind. Everyone loved to be around her for her special ways. Even in the kitchen, her special artichoke recipe and pizza with the quick sauce were always on the stove waiting for us!

My Mom’s Presence
Now that mom  is gone, I know her angel spirit is with me when I need her, and I can feel her wrapped around my shoulders when I need her near.
This is something exclusively special to me, because she had something special for each one of us that we can remember.
She told me years ago when I was going through some tough times that I was the strong one in the family. And that I needed to be there for my family to help them.

The helper

Today, I continue down the road as the helper. I try my best to help as many people as I can.

Even through my writings on this website, I try to bring something special each day to inspire others.

And the moon is my guide as I look up and see my mom loving us all to the moon and back.

Special people will always be around us in spirit. They are strong, and there for you when you need them, just reach out.


They are never gone,  just in a different place, and in a different form. And sometimes they give you signs that tell you that they are there with you, right now in the present moment.

You never lose, and you never have to let go, because all you have to do is close your eyes and see them guiding you toward the moon and back.