When I get inspired


Becoming Truly Inspired

Standing on a porch, looking at the present moment

Standing on a porch, looking at the present moment

If I waited until I got inspired to do things, I probably would not get anything done.

It is sort of like putting things off until tomorrow or “I’ll do that latter.”

It never works to put things off.






When you do it right away, whatever it is,  you can get the monkey off of your back. You become free of worry about putting things off.

The Truth

When you go on and on about wishing things could be different, it never gets you anywhere. Wishing and hoping only bring about anxiety and worry.

When you  become accepting of yourself and others, you are happier.

It seems too simple, but it is true, when you simplify our life, you are more content.

Clear the Spaces In Your Home

When you clear out the spaces in your home, you know where everything is. There is an openness surrounding you.

You like your home again, because it is easier without all the clutter.

Becoming Enlightened

Begin your path of enlightenment by making a vow to be more understanding of the present moment, and  less concerned about past events.

For the future, just stay in the present moment.

Simple is so very much better.


Stop complicating your life with worry and anxiety.  Free yourself, take a long walk in the moment, watching nature at its best.