If You Want To Feel Better Try Some Yoga!



Sitting by the fire

Sitting by the fire

Getting back to simple

There is nothing more inviting than sitting by a fireplace.

I just came back from a 3 day yoga retreat and have not felt better in my life. I have been practicing yoga for many years and recently started to teach it.

Making Some Changes

The change from being a yoga participant to yoga leader has been wonderful because now I have to be there doing it; cannot just skip a day that I am teaching. It would not feel right to disappoint my students, I want to be there for them.


It inspires me when  students tell me how much yoga has helped them.

And my internal inspiration keeps me going because I feel so much better after an hour of yoga asansas

My knees no longer hurt and my balance is excellent now. I am able to stand on one foot for as long as I want, and I am also able to catch myself before a fall. Just the balancing act alone is worth the trip to a yoga class. When you are more balanced, you become confident in your ability to be strong, centered and balanced.

As you age, you need to be more aware of your balance, and work on techniques to reduce the chances of a major fall.

You can start out slow with a beginners class, and practice at home with some good videos out there that can strengthen your technique.

I have never been so centered and balanced before I spent an entire weekend at a yoga retreat.

I have never been so centered and balanced before I spent an entire weekend at a yoga retreat.

The Breath

Learning about relaxation and breathing techniques during yoga classes can help too. The yoga breath helps to slow yourself down so that you are calmer throughout the day, and able to face life’s challenges. Every single time you think about breathing, you should take a breath in through your nose and sigh out loud as your release.

A simple breath technique such as breathing in deeply and slowly for the count of 5 and breathing out deeply and slowly for the count of 7 is a very easy way to slow down everything in your mind’s eye.