Open, Connected To Others and Grounded to the Earth


Just sitting in the woods watching

Just sitting in the woods watching

 Being In the Woods can be quiet, harmonious and revealing


I went on my first yoga retreat this past weekend.

I have gone to one other retreat, a silent one, and  it was also very revealing.

I guess one does not realize how much the spoken word is used in our lives. It gives you a new perspective on communication when you need to remain silent. You find that your senses are sharper, such as touch, eye contact and gestures.


In silence you also become centered with your internal self.

Silence can bring about an openness to everything  you do, from the wonders of nature  to the discovery or your own internal selves. We have many selves- our mind, body and soul.



The Yoga retreat was different but also had some aspects of the silent retreat because in yoga you practice mostly  in silence too.

The  yoga retreat was intense movement that can be  beautiful and harmonious, but also strenuous and draining, just like life! You find that in life you need to stay in the middle, not too sad, not too happy, just right. Just like goldie locks, she had to find the perfect spot. That is also done in yoga. You do not want to strain too much, you want to find your middle in each pose, where it is not too strenuous, not too easy, just right.


When you practice yoga, you begin to feel truly in touch with your inner being. For some it is about the exercise, for others, it is about the stretching, but for  many it is about connection to others, our selves,  and personal spirituality development.

With silence and movement, you can be in touch with your entire selves!

When you are one in mind, body and soul, you can share that with others as they share with you.


When your are open, your hands are raised in response to a handshake perhaps, or just open, and lifted as in palms being up and ready for receiving. You are aware of the presence of others, and touch others in  many ways. You listen without judging others.


When you  are connected, you must first work on connecting with yourself.

Your mind, body and spirit link together and form a solid bond. Your fingertips of both hands lace together in prayer. When you are connected to others, you not only feel their presence, but your touch can be felt physically. You can touch someone with your kindness through good deeds and softly spoken, positive words.


When you are grounded, your feet push against the Earth, you can stand up straight, with  your hands at your side feeling your strength throughout your body. Strong, straight body with feet pressing strongly against the Earth.

You can help others learn grounding exercises where they can learn to feel strong and centered. Your kind words can help the person  to learn about stillness, being mindful and centered.

When you begin to move toward a greater sense of your  own connection not only  to yourself, but  to others,  you can experience true joy.

Just a cabin in the woods. A Perfect place for silence

Just a cabin in the woods. A Perfect place for silence