Oats are Simple and Nutritious


Oats Are So Very Good For You~


I start most of my days with 1/4 cup steel cut and 1/4 plain rolled oats steamed for about 5 minutes mixed with 1/4 cup of almond milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also add a chopped apple.
So nutritious and filling to start your day.
The other benefit is that oats can lower your cholesterol.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it a nutritious one.



Soluble Fiber

Scientist have studied and  promoted other soluble fiber foods such as Oat bran and beans to  help your cholesterol. Other research has been done on the benefits of many foods that are full of fiber.

And you do need more that one serving a day to reap the benefits of foods rich in fiber.

Here is a good list from the book: Healing Foods by Patricia Hausman and Judith Hurley written in  1989, therefore this scientific evidence has been around for many years!!

Make Your Days Healthier with Some Fiber Every Day: The suggestion is 4 servings/day from the following list

apples ( 2 medium)

apricots ( 2 raw)

Bananas ( 1 1/2 medium)

Beans, kidney or pinto ( 1/3 cup cooked)

Beans, Lima ( 1/4 cup cooked)

Beans,  White 1/2 cup cooked)

Broccoli ( 3/4 cup cooked)

Cauliflower ( 3/4 cup raw)

Chick-peas ( 1/2 cup cooked)

Corn ( 1/2 cup)

Eggplant ( 1 cup cooked)

Greens- collard, kale, mustard or turnip ( 1 cup cooked)

Oatmeal (  3/4 cup cooked)

Oat Bran ( 1/3 cup dry)

Peas, green ( 1/2 cup cooked)

Peas,  split (1/2 cup cooked)

Prunes (5)

Potato ( 3/4 medium, baked)

Lettuce ( dark green – 1 cup)

Zucchini ( 3/4 cup)

Soluble fiber and cholesterol bind together and are eliminated from the body.

Hausman, P. & Hurley, J. ( 1989) The Healing Foods. Dell Trade. NY, NY