Staying in the Middle


Finding Your Center

When you find your breath, you can begin to drift through life centered and balanced.

When you find your breath, you can begin to drift through life centered and balanced.


In the Yin and Yang of things, the middle is best.

When you find your center and balance in living life fully, you know it.

And you also know when you are out of balance, especially physically.

An example is standing on one foot. Try this simple balancing technique to see where you are right now.

Your body will tell you which side is in better shape, and then you can be aware for the day.

At different times a day we are more balanced.

For instance, in the morning you may be feeling full of energy and  your balance is good, but later in the day when you may be tired or hungry, your balance may be impaired.

Be aware of your daily routines and take care to notice  your balance, especially in the evening and into the night.

On Aging and Your Balance

There is much research on the fact that people have the most injuries at home, later in the day when they are tired, or in the middle of the night when they may have accidents getting out of bed.

As you  age,  you need to be aware of potential for injuries when  impaired by dim light or orthostatic hypotension ( that is when you get out of bed too quickly, and your blood pressure becomes really low.  You may experience dizziness too).

So be aware, and do not jump right out of bed! Give yourself some time to stretch, roll over to your right side and get up slowly!


Everything has 2 sides, equal components where there is a center.  This is why you need to move toward wellness in mind, body and spirit by bringing this awareness of the subtle balance issues you may have each and every day.

This center may be just the spot that you need to strive for.

Breathing Slow and Deep Can Help Your Balance for the Day

As you begin some new work with your wellness, try some breathing exercises.

You will begin to find your center in the breath.

Try to slow down your breathing, and breathe deeply every chance you get. You can even end the breath work with a sigh. Breathe in… hold it… breathe out and sigh.