Memories and Dreams

Yellow is bring about hope, joy and love. It helps you to feel strong and grounded.

Yellow is bring about hope, joy and love. It helps you to feel strong and grounded.


Memories are sometimes hard to understand because our minds remember things differently, especially as we age. The thoughts of the past become so crystal clear the older you get, and the memory of where you put your glasses or keys is gone!

Recreating through dreams and writings

If you have some not so good memories, you can recreate them. I find that writing helps with that. The Chinese believe that there is always a middle within the good and bad.

Write down some of the bad things about a certain memory, some of the good and then sit in thought for a moment to find the middle, where there is neither good or bad, just be in the memory.

This may be hard to do at first, but when you find the middle ground of a memory, it can just be. Not good, not bad, just is.

Lucid Dreaming

There are many writings on the topic of dreaming. Create your own way with dreams. If you find yourself in a dream lucidly, begin to observe what is happening, not whether it is good or bad, just let it be. And those bad dreams can be turned into more pleasant ones while you are there. As Peter Pan would say, think about your happy thoughts. What is your happy thought today?

Your New Story

And those memories that are not so good can be changed through some journaling. Take a good look at the good, bad and middle ground of things in your life, and write your new story.

My new story is full of the present moment.

Things I am exploring  and experiencing right now.

The past has both good and bad for me, but I know I have a middle ground where things just are because that is the way the Universe is unfolding.

I keep moving down the path, taking charge of my life, and trying  my best to let go of what I cannot change in my life.