Doing it With a Passion

Always remember that there are things that you want to do with a passion, things that you have to do, and things that you may desire a lot, but you cannot do.

With this said, how do you survive in a world where the only thing you can do may be what you have to do.

If this sounds confusing, then take a look at your passion, because your passion has to become something that you really want to do~ so that you do it automatically,  and then  it may become thing that you need to do every day.

When I think of my passions, I know that I am doing them. When I think of my desires, I know that they may not come true in my lifetime. Desires are more like dreams, but passions are a part of you. They are inside your spirit.

For example, I desire to travel extensively, but I do not have the resources currently to do it. I could put on a backpack and hitch hike through America or some countries that interest me, but not only would that be dangerous, I don’t think that is how to get what I desire!

Desire will always be there, but passion can be worked on.

Pick something that you are passionate about, and do it now.

Do it every single day of your life, and then you will become an expert at it. It will be your internal being, your reason for getting up in the morning, your special meaningful task that must be done.

And remember that if you truly want to get good at something that you enjoy, you have to practice it.

Artist are not just innately creative, they work daily on their craft. And when they get an idea about something new, they immediately have a creative moment and work on their craft.


And when you have more and more creative moments in you life, you passion becomes a reality.

An artist shows us the beauty of the body and of movement at Sculpture Park, Java, NY

An artist shows us the beauty of the body and of movement at Sculpture Park, Java, NY