Angels in Your Life


The Spiritual Side of Your Life

We may not all believe in angels, but there is something to the spiritual side of life.

When you touch your soul daily with some inspirational readings and a long walk in the country, you are in touch with angels. They are in the wind above, and  on the pavement below you scattering like the  orange and brown leaves do as the breezes catch them in their soft way. They are also in your heart telling you to share your angelic ways with others.


It may not appear as a physical sign, but there are signs everywhere in the Universe that everything unfolds as it should.
Decide today that you will look for signs of angels. Whether it be in nature, a kind person who seems almost angelic, or in yourself when you tell someone that you are here for them.

Soft Angel Ways
Bring your angelic ways to your life. Find ways to catch a glimpse of spirit in everyone  and everything that you touch.
Touch people using all of your senses, especially the physical touch. Put your hand on the shoulder of someone who needs you right now.
Find them, send love and caring through your spirit and cry with them when they need your shoulder. Today is  your moment in the world to be positive energy for a person in need.

If you look closely at the center, you may see the shape of an angel.

If you look closely at the center, you may see the shape of an angel.