Change, and Things Will Come Easier

As the seasons change, so do you, and you have to realize that it is time to go with the flow of things.

Why is it that we  all resist change so much?

Is it out of fear, or do we just like the statue quo of  the same daily tasks?

Dogs don't like change either. And even if they see you walk by them day after day, they still bark at you!

Dogs don’t like change either. And even if they see you walk by them day after day, they still bark at you!

I fight stagnation by trying out new things. I hate being bored, and the worse thing in life is being predictable!

No one wants to be around you if you have nothing new to share!

So stop for a moment and find something new to do so that your life becomes happier and full of the energy needed to do those new things.


Make a list of new things to do

Make a list of the things that you have been wanting to do, and then check them off as you do them.

My constant has always been to start something on my own. I have dabbled in many things preparing for this event in life.  Trying out new occupations, just to see how they felt on me, and then discarding at the moment I find them no longer fun anymore.

If this sounds like something you want to do, then just do it. Get some training in something that rocks your boat, and find an entry level position in the field.

I have heard that most people have at least 5 careers in their lives. Maybe it is not a career you are after, but an adventure. Go somewhere exotic, or, if you cannot afford luxury trips, try right around the corner.

It does not take much to fill up your car with gas and go on an adventure where you are not quite sure where you will end up. That is the fun of it. Something in your life that is spontaneous and free. This may be just the thing you need to jumpstart your change.

The seasons are changing. We are moving from fall to winter soon. You need to move with the waves of change. This will keep you healthy in mind, body and soul.

In New York with the winter coming, we need to get off the couch and find some things that keep us happy!

Find new indoor things to do that may be surprisingly fun. Take up a craft, find a hobby that you have always wanted to do. Try an outdoor sport, or join a gym!