Deer Prints

Yellow, a color to bring life to your being. Surround yourself with bright yellow colors today.

Yellow, a color to bring life to your being. Surround yourself with bright yellow colors today.

Memory of past events do not always appear clearly to most people, but significant things in one’s life are captured like a camera in the mind, some good and some bad.

Re-tell your story to yourself

I believe we have to recreate our memories to rid ourselves of some of the traumatic ones, but the good ones always stand true and can help you when you are blue. In my life, the good out number the bad by a significant number.



I purposefully went out to take pictures today. It was my goal to bring some color into my life and yours.

When I saw a deer, I tried to capture it on camera but they are too smooth and fast for me.

Treading softly across the street toward the woods, it stopped for a moment, perhaps noticing me. A passing glance in life is all that we have.

You may believe that you have a lot of time to ponder on things but then in a flash, the moment is over. Life may pass you by while you are waiting for things to change, or the moment to be perfect like a picture.

You are the Moment

You are the constant in your life, and you have to make the changes that will bring you happiness and love. Do not ponder too long on things, or be hasty. Think about what you want and what you need, choose the needs over the wants. Wanting things that you cannot have is a waste.

Sometimes nature tells us a story about life, and how we should go softly into the meadow.

When you are feeling tense, think of a deer and how its softness and stillness can bring about harmony and balance into your life.

Take a Slow Deep Breath
Breathing softly ~ breathing in and breathing out can bring about softness and a quietness to your being.
Every time you think of your breath, take a slow deep breath down to the bottom of your lungs, and then take another one.
Find your deer ways in life. Speak softly and slowly.

Allow others to speak their peace.

Keep yourself full of positive moments by being around like people who care about you and life.
Allow yourself to sway in tune with the trees and stay as strong as the beautiful Maple with its thick branches moving slowly with the breezes of life, flexible and light as air.

Be as positive as you can be, through the pain, sorrow, love and happiness.

Become your own  strength and the light in the dark for others.

Find your way through life, traveling lightly like the deer, finding your way.