A Soft Smile and Gentle Touch

Whenever I think of my mother, I find myself flooded with memories that linger for a long time.
She did so much for me, and I am proud to be her daughter. I am here today because of her, not only in the physical sense, but in the mind, body and spiritual loving sense.
I grew up knowing that if you are good to others it will be returned. And I hope that my own children feel that I have taught them that lesson too; the lesson of kindness and harmony in one’s life.
A life where there is always a circling of loving spirit surrounding them so that they feel embraced all the time by my love.

Feeling Embraced by Love
I still feel my mom’s embrace even now that she is gone. When I think of her, this warmness surrounds me, covering my back, shoulders and arms. She embraces me with this gentle touch, and I feel safe.
Thank you mom for being there for me when I needed you to be with me in the teary times of life. When my children were born, you were there to help and comfort me. When my relationships were not well, you just listened and did not tell me what to do.

And thank you  mom for letting me stand on my own when I needed to be strong. You told me that I could handle just about anything. And that I was the strongest daughter you had.
Today, you continue to be my strength in struggling times, but also my smile when things are good and happy.
You struggled through life as I did. Your relationships were not always good,  but you stayed with the struggle.  You helped me to stand strong, even when you may not have agreed with what I was doing.

You stood by me in the good and bad times.
Thank you mom

My mom was so very crafty. She new how to make wonderful handmade things.

My mom was so very crafty. She knew how to make wonderful handmade things.