Family and Friends



Your Loving Ways

Catch a reflection of the moon on crystal waters in the evening

Catch a reflection of the moon on crystal waters in the evening


During Times of Grief and Times of Happiness, your family and friends are always there to help and guide you

When it comes to loving people, there is nothing like your family and close friends. They are always there for you, listening and loving you.
Whether things are good or not, they are there making things easier for you.



In time of Need

Nourish your love for your family and friends.

Be there for them when they need you, and remember what they have done for you in your time of need including  how much support and love they give to you every single day!


Mom’s Loving Ways
My mom used to have this special saying when she was being cute or we were testing her!

” I am going to give you a trip to the moon.” She meant it because she loved us all the way to the moon and back. Even when she was struggling with us, trying to give us the best love, or just being a good mom, she always put her family first, leading the way, all the way to the moon.

So when I look toward the sky each evening, I look at the moon in its brightness  and say to myself. ” There is mom, on the moon, lighting the way.”
Carry on with  traditions for your family, including helping family members and friends every time that they need it.

Make those special meals that your mom made and remind yourself of all her special ways.

And when you are together as a family, make up some new traditions to bring your family closer.

Love them to the moon and back.