Just watching the beauty

Sometimes things just look perfect.


If you have had a recent loss, remember that love is everywhere. It is in the swaying trees, the crunchy fall leaves and inside of your heart.

Angels are around us,  surrounding, touching. even if we do not believe.

Your Spirit guides

Spirit lives in everyone, and it is time for you to realize that you need to keep in touch with this part of you.

And not only because you may need a spiritual component in your life,  but because your inner self can help you to grow stronger in mind, body and spirit. Spiritual care is important.


Find an angel inside of you, or on your outer core, surrounding you with love and harmony.

Meditate, sing and chant with your spiritual side. Feel the angel surrounding you.

Walk Early in the Day

Take a  spiritual walk early when you rise and watch your shadow to find your spirit.

Shadows show us the wonders of the unknown. They surround everything, circling around the sides of a swaying tree, or softly touching your cheek. They  surround you as you walk, touching and moving you forward. It may even be hard to walk against this pushing nature.

Spirit is always in the ruffling of the fall leaves as they move, making slight sounds that catch your attention. They are trying to teach you about believing.


Find time to delve into how to be touched by your inner self.

Your spirit is your angel surrounding you with love. Feel  spirit  giving you a great big hug, surrounding you in warmth.

When someone dies, they look  for  a good spiritual person to surround. Angels know who to be near.

Hope that you will someday be surrounded by a new spirit arriving in heaven.