Tiny Pieces of Love

My mom loved the fall harvest and making pumpkin pie. She had a special recipe.

My mom loved the fall harvest and making pumpkin pie. She had a special recipe.

Tiny Pieces of Love


My mom gave me so very many tiny pieces of love to make my life complete.

If not for her loving ways, I surely would not be here today.

Her gifts were small pieces of herself, and I learned many important facts from her: 1. First and foremost love yourself, because if you do not, you cannot give love to others. 2.Learn through the watchful eye:

I learned how to crochet by watching my mother and Aunt Phyllis, mom’s sister. They even taught me how important it was to the spirit. As you create, things unfold and there is a blissful peace about you and your creation.

The art of cooking was not explained through books. It was the watchful eye. The recipes were created with a pinch of this and that. So there was need to watch closely!

3. Find beauty in everything.  Coming from a poor family can help you to see beauty in things others may think are just average. Like a walk in the park or just socializing with family. My mom’s family brought everyone together. These were special events, but they happened at least once a week.

Stick Together with your family

The beauty in this is that you  stick together with the family. The most important unit of life. Make family gatherings a priority in your life.

4. Learn tolerance of others. This is the most important fact that I learned through my mother’s examples. She tolerated so very much without saying a word, and always looking for good things in others no matter how bad the person or situation may be.

Love yourself

These tiny pieces of love have helped me every single day of my life.

I take care of myself. I touch my mind, body and spirit daily with inspirational readings, exercise and staying at peace with myself. I give myself love.

I also watch carefully.  I watch others and learn from their examples. I see the beauty in everything around me. And most importantly, I try my best to catch myself from the despair of intolerance.