How to Stay Still

 A lighthouse stands strong and tall,Lighting the way

A lighthouse stands strong and tall as it lights the way.



Sometimes I just want to stay still and gaze around me to see the beauty that is. It is a beautiful world that we should cherish each day.

Begin in the moment, not in the past for future

The word is here today, now.

Take a moment to think about what you may be dwelling on that can be eliminated or put to the side. And remember that things in life unfold the way they are supposed to. Life goes on, moving like a giant wave, caressing you. Stay with the wave, even if the changes are difficult.

Because we do not want life to slip through our fingers, we need to stop, stay still,  and smell the roses, often.

Staying in the positive moments as much as we can

If we let things get to us, like our anger, this stops us from seeing the good in things. Ruminating on things that you cannot change makes for a sorrowful day, and a sad life.

Stay still, and in your silence, you will find the way toward what you really need in life right now in this moment.

Listen to your inner voice. Your voice is insightful to what you truly need in life. Go with your instincts and find your way down the path of living life with a smile.

Balance and Harmony

Add balance into your life with some new challenging things to do. Find a new friend. Walk more often. Balance yourself with some alternatives like Tai Chi, yoga, or make up your own moments that feel good to you.