So soothing

So soothing




Reaching for the stars!

It seems that we all have dreams and aspirations in our lives, but what is it that you are really after? Is it more money, more time with your family, or accomplishing something in life.

As life passes, deep inside your mind may be telling you that you forgot about something. Maybe it is a dream to travel more, or accomplishing an educational goal.

I believe that after 50 years, you begin to regroup and try out some new things. Maybe it is because you know that life does not last forever.

You may also begin to see your friends and family getting older. And wonder- do I look that old too? Well, if I do, I better get off the bandwagon and do what I need to do right now.

Find out what your calling is

Don’t miss your “calling.” Whatever it may be, you better start right now to follow your dreams.

I too have a few irons in the fire with some new projects. I like being creative and try out new crafting ideas all the time. I also try out some new jobs and now work at a gym doing yoga. I like it so much, I have expanded my yoga practice.

Other things? Traveling is one of my dreams. I am going to work on that next!!

Allow your spirit to rise

I believe that it is a spiritual notion that brings us to this juncture of making some changes  in life. Our spirit, way deep inside of ourselves is telling us to get out there and live it up!