Lessening your Load


Some campers is a hidden spot. Getting some energy back into their lives.

Some campers is a hidden spot. Getting some energy back into their lives.

I believe that you can energize yourself, but it takes some effort.

Do not let others take your energy from you, you need some too!

The first helpful idea is  to stop letting others take energy away from you so that there is none left. You need some too, so find ways for yourself.

This step may be difficult, especially if you have small children or aging parents who may require some of your reserves!

Settle Down and Take time for yourself

Before you walk in front of a mirror and see dark circles under your eyes, take some “me time.”  That means that you have to settle down, take a few breaths and not answer your phone for the day.

It may also mean that you better get to bed early tonight, take a day off of work to just be, and practice some harmonizing activities such as taking a meditative nature gazing walk, or settling into some yin yoga asanas! Other lessening your load routines can be anything that you truly enjoy. Maybe you like crafting, or reading. Do something that you want to do.

Whatever it is to you, settling down and taking some time off will give you some energy reserves that you can count on.

Just like the airline attendant tells you– ” When you pull down the O2, make sure that you take some oxygen for yourself  before you give some to your child.” This is such good advice.

Do not let others suck all of your oxygen out of you! Put some on reserve for yourself.

Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for the time you spend with yourself.