Awaken Your Spirit With Some New Beginnings


What is your mirror reflection of yourself? Do you have more than one side?

What is your mirror reflection of yourself? Do you have more than one side? At Sculpture Park in Java NY, the Artists find their unique ways.

Loving yourself and others

Make every single day of your life count because you do not know how long you will be here.
Find a new challenge, help someone today, give yourself some positive strokes!
Find your way down the path of living by creating some new goals.

This may seem like a big task, but if you break it down into mini- goals, your spirit will soar with some new beginnings!




I awaken my sprit with some inspirational readings. Today I found my spirit. It is the part of me that I have to dig way deep inside of myself to find, but it is there.

It is my thoughts, my emotions and my tears. Sometimes my spirit soars with new ideas, creativity and love for myself and others.

Other times, my spirit is quietly allowing me to just be in the moment of living.

Finding your lost spirit

You may feel like your spirit is lost, but it is always there with you, giving you reasons to move on, allowing you to voice your opinions, thoughts and feelings to others. Keep your spirit in mind when you are having difficult times. It is your inspiration and your intuition.

This deep center is called the Dao in some cultures. The middle, center or balance in your mind’s eye. This heart center works for you when you need it the most. It is confident, spontaneous, intuitive and most of all loving.