Just Be


Seeing the Beauty in Everything Around Us

An artist shows us the beauty of the body and of movement at Sculpture Park, Java, NY

An artist shows us the beauty of the body and of movement at Sculpture Park, Java, NY


Stop trying to change everything, everyday, every time you get a notion! Accepting the way things are in the moment of life is the way to go. Moving on may be to put the past in better perspective and give the present moment a chance. What can you do right now that may help someone? I choose to try my best to be in the here and now of things.

Staying Balanced

In your daily routine, staying  balanced means many things.

1.  Breathe. Stay with the breath of living. Take a moment each day to be with your breath. Early in the morning when you rise. Get your breathing under control. Take some long yoga breaths! In and out slowly rising your arms up and down.

2. Move.  Movement exercises can be your own. Be creative and develop a daily movement session of 20 minutes where you decide what your body needs.

3. Be thankful. Be thankful for every breath that you take. Meditate on your thankfulness. This can be your mantra. Clearing your mind to only allow positive and thankful moments.

4, Move on to a better place. Not just a physical place, but a better place in your mind, body and spirit.

Begin to slowly move  yourself toward your goals, listen to others intently, and keep peace with your soul. You are here for a reason, and remember that the world is a beautiful place for you to just be.

Do not try to  change things, but begin to change yourself and your attitude. So what if things do not go the way you want them to.

You cannot expect to live life without some bumps and bruises. You need to challenge yourself, and take some chances in life.

Begin a spiritual path toward wellness. Read spiritual literature, take slow meaningful walks, and help others who may need your love.