Getting rid of the love handles

Follow a healthy path

Follow a healthy path


The many paths of living healthy and well

There are many ways to lose weight. Calorie reduction, portion control and of course exercise.

One of my favorite ways to tone up the middle love handles is a fast clip down the road of life.

Fast Walking Clip
If you use your hands and arms to exaggerate your walk, you may look a little funny, but those fast walking people have the right technique.

You can purposefully twist a bit at the waist as you walk.  You gait becomes very large steps as you move your arms in sequence with your legs. Those waddling fast walkers have slim waists. Remember that it is a walk, not a jog. Your feet are in sequence- heel to toe. They never leave the ground as you do when you jog or run.

Do this once a day for 20 minutes.

YOGA: Yoga is about the stillness of the mind, body and soul. If you want to reap the benefits, do all your poses with the breath. Slow, meaningful breathing. When you rise you breathe in, when you lower, you breathe out.
A yoga pose called reclining twist can  lesson those love handles.
Lie on your back, bend at the knees. Next stretch your arms out long by your sides with palms down. As a group, drop both of your bent legs to the right side, and look to the left. Feel the stretch down the side of your body. Move your legs back to center and then drop your legs to the left side, and look to the right. Hold on each side for at least 6 long breaths.

Another stretch is a simple one. Stand strong in mountain with a straight back, looking forward, breathing slowly. Legs are hip width apart.  Next, move your legs a little further apart and raise you right hand up to the sky, left hand just dangles at your side. Look up at your right stretched arm and lean to the left. Keep your gaze up toward your outstretched arm for 6 breaths. Repeat on the other side.


This pose it the pose of a banana. Lie on your back, arms and legs at your side. Put both of your hands laced behind your head like you are taking a rest. Now walk both of your feet toward the right side until you cannot walk any further to the right, and then cross the left foot over the right one. Now you are really taking it easy!  Next move your upper body toward the lower body as if you want to make your body into a banana. Push down on your arms and feel the stretch in your armpit.  Your body now is in the shape of a banana. You can feel the stretch all the way down the left side of your body. Hold for at least 6 breaths and repeat on the other side.

Do these stretches 2 times a day as part of your new yoga challenge.