Getting over the Summer


Summer is coming to an end

Summer is coming to an end


The Changes of the Seasons

When you live in a climate that has a multitude of different types of weather, getting over the summer is difficult. As we move into some fall fun, take a look around and see all the wonders of the changes in the seasons.

Living in Buffalo has good, bad and ugly weather, but we are hardy and learn how to make the best of our weather woes~


I know that it is difficult to realize that the summer is over, but you need to move forward. For some fall cooking, try some squashes and make some soup.

Changing your Diet and Lifestyle so that you do not gain weight!

Begin to think about what you need to do in order to survive the upcoming colder months without gaining weight. I always find new ways to exercise and even resort to my basement treadmill and elliptical when the weather keeps me indoors.

Creative Cooking

Begin to experiment with some new foods that are satisfying and nutritious.

You need to change your diet in the fall to a more wholesome one. In the spring and summer, you can eat light with fresh fruits and veggies but in the fall and winter, you need to start planning some fall meals that include eggplant, squash and sweet potatoes! Find some recipes that you find warm and nourishing.

I find myself making different kinds of soups in the fall. Squash or sweet potato soup is my favorite.


Dr. Elson Haas in his book- Staying Healthy With The Seasons explains the autumn season.

In the fall, the energy of our nature starts at the roots.  It is a yin cycle. The daylight lasts less than 12 hours so you need some roots such as burdock root and ginger.

I use ginger in the fall and winter in many of my meals. I just slice it very thinly and simmer in some olive oil and then add my veggies. It gives your meals a tangy taste.

Other roots you can experiment with that are helpful to the lungs: licorice root, wild cherry bark, slippery elm. These lung herbs can help in the upcoming colder months.

Comfrey, both a root and leaf is known for its healing power. High in protein, vitamins and minerals, it is a soothing expectorant and nutrient that aids cell growth and healing to the tissues of the body.

Food Balance in the Autumn

Builders: animal protein and beans

Cleansers: Fruits and veggies

Congestors: Sweets, cheese and breads ( limit these)

Lubricators: Nuts, seeds and their oils

Taken in part from: Haas, E.  (2003) Staying Healthy With the Seasons. 21st Century Ed. San Rafael, CA. Celestial Arts