Some Creamy Veggy Soup


Some good food to warm your soul~

Some good food to warm your soul~

Here is an easy recipe for heading into the fall months.

It is very nutritious with just veggies.

Start out with 1 cup of water and one cup of almond milk. Add another cup of veggie broth. Begin to add 1/2 cup quinoa ( for some protein) and simmer for 10 minutes. Instead of a cup of veggie broth, I use some fresh basil from my garden. I added 1/4 cup almond milk to 1 cup herbs and blended for a creamy texture.



Next I added:

1 cup cubed carrots and celery
1 cup collard greens (frozen)
1 cup white onion chopped

Simmer covered for 20 minutes, or to taste. I like my veggies crunchy so I simmer a little less.
Wonderful taste with the fresh herbs. Give it a try.