Letting go

It can be  difficult to figure out when you should let go


As one door closes, another one opens in your path through life.

As one door closes, another one opens in your path through life.

I seem to have a way of hanging on to things that I should let go of. We all have our issues but mine is around letting go, and letting things fall as they are supposed to.

There are so many theories on how to proceed down different paths in life. Some say to set your goals and check on them. Others encourage you to be spontaneous and try out many different avenues in life.

I like the latter, and have been trying out different challenges all of my life. I have had many different jobs, and even different careers, testing the waters of many things. Right now I am contemplating what I am going to do next. Something challenging and exciting comes to mind, but sometimes it does not matter if it is challenging, different is enough.


Flowing like a river down a path is my goal, and only slowing down to see the scenery of my choices in life

But still hanging on to some things I should have long let go of. Life is mysterious, you do not know what is in your future, and your past is just like a hazy day, so stay in the present and live happily not knowing what challenges are coming toward your life.

As you pass through your life, remember to be happy, let go of the past difficulties that may be slowing your down. Move on without anger or sadness.