Strong in Broken Places

Be like a tree, standing strong against the wind.

Be like a tree, standing strong against the wind.


Did you ever sit around and feel sorry for yourself?

Well I have, and it is not the thing to do. As your life passes you by, you will begin to think that there are many broken places or puzzles with the missing pieces. Be okay with that. And remember that nothing is forever. The good, bad and ugly things all pass you by.

If your missing piece has to do with things that have you struggling, you better get started on a different path. A path that feels good for your life right now.

Memories From Childhood

If my Nana or Great Aunt Laura were still on this Earth right now, they would tell me how important it is to stay strong, allowing those broken places to mend. They even knew how to grieve well. They wore black for a full year as a symbol of their grief for others to see. When someone died, that is what they did. You wore black so everyone knew. No one ever said, “I did not hear about your dad.” They knew as soon as they saw you, where you were at.

Today, if we do not read the paper, we do not hear about sorrows of others. Years ago, families were closer. These extended families lived, loved and stayed together.

And during any grieving my nana would say, “after mending those broken places would be stronger than before. ”

My nana and her sister were together often when I was a child. I would listen to their strength, and I can still hear them. They grew up around hard times, and they knew how to grow strong and stable like a tree.

And their advice on life and living should not be taken lightly. They were not only strong, they both lived a long life, and experienced good and bad times. And I never saw either of them break down. They always had strength in their voice, offering advice and love. They stood strong physically, mentally and spiritually.

Be a Tree

If you are a tree, you are strong; almost nothing can break you. Your arms swing and sway with the wind and are flexible. In your mind, body and soul, if you stay flexible and strong, you will be able to fix your broken places.

Do not grieve your losses too long.