Growing Pains

I thought that as I grew older I would no longer have growing pains. Only children needed to learn new things.  Right?


Orange is the color of energy and life.

Orange is the color of energy and life.

Getting Un-stuck

Some of us get stuck in things. We like it when things stay the same and we do not want the boat to rock with new things to do or learn. This is just the opposite of what you really need in life.
You need to challenge yourself in order to grow. Staying in the same status quo stagnates you. You may even become a boring person to be around.




If you want to bring some joy and happiness into your life, you may have to start doing some new things.

I have been trying to bring different types of creative moments into my life. Even very creative people get stuck in the muck sometimes. The creative flow has to be re-invented often.  Unearthing some colors in your life may be a good start for you. Try wearing orange tomorrow. There is something about that color that gives a person some energy. Maybe it is because you also energize others when they look at you wearing orange. Or find something orange at a garage sale tomorrow and put it up on your wall. You can gaze at it, and feel some energy to do some new things.

Helping can be healing

Other ways to get energized? Help someone. Helping others can really bring the best out of you. You take the focus off of yourself, concentrating all your efforts on the other person. There is nothing like volunteering to help someone. It gives you a sense of awe. You have done something beautiful!