Let Joy Into Your Life

You have control over how you feel about everything in life that happens to you. Find some peace in nature. Walk and ponder on the beauty of the world. See your reflection and smile often.

crystal waters


When you learn how to forgive, life is more joyful and loving.

Joy is a word greater than just happy. You can be happy and settled, but have no joy in your life. To bring in joy you need to first forgive yourself, and then forgiving others becomes easier.

You may feel that many people have hurt you throughout your life. And this will continue. There will always be pain, but there will also be joy if you let it in.

Others will come along who will hurt you. And if the pain is deep, the hurt will stay with you a long time if you do not work on it. Do not put things way back in your mind, let them surface so that you can heal a little at a time.

Learn how to deal with things in a soft way. Learn that there are many things in life that you do have control over. But always remember that there are also things in life that you  just have to accept. Find joy in both. This may sound difficult, but true healing will come when you begin to accept whatever comes into your path.

When you know where your path is leading, you can help others to learn what they can do, and what they cannot.


We all grieve different things that happen to us. There is a time for sorrow, there is a time for love, and there is time for joy too.