When you Accept Things, Life is Better

Accepting the way things are in life, and sometimes struggling

Just drifting along making the best of things in life.

Just drifting along making the best of things in life.


As you grow older, you will find that you have to accept things as they are.


As a younger person, you may have struggled against the current of life. Like a boat drifting along, you may not have known where you were going. But now, as you age, things become clearer. You have settled down, and the waves are calm.

That is when you finally figure out that there are things that you can  change, and things that you cannot.


Growing up and becoming an adult

Sometimes you have to make choices that may not seem to be the right decisions, but that is the way it is. When you are a parent, you have to make choices for your children when they are young. As a parent, you have to look out for your children and make sure they get the best care possible so they can grow up to be strong and caring. Passing on not just your genes, but also your values, morals and your loving ways.

Being a loving parent means that you may have to make some unpopular choices that your children, or others may not think is the right thing to do.

When you get out there in life and you truly love, you are living life the best way you can.

You have passion, a caring attitude and much thought about the choices that you make, especially when you have to make those choices for others. I have heard this comment as a child. ” You will thank me for this when you are older.” or “I know what is best for you.” And my parents really did know what was best, I just did not think so!

Your Personal Struggle

Life is a struggle, but try your best to be happy because you only live once, and you want to be remembered for all the good that you did on this Earth.
When you  begin  to accept that your life has a beginning, middle and ending, you  may want to make sure that you did everything you could for your children and family, and  that everyone is happy and doing well.

Your Personal Path

Along this path, do not forget about yourself. You are special and need nurturing and caring people who can help you.

And you need to be happy and content so that life has many meaningful moments.