The old and the new


So much color to make you smile.

So much color to make you smile.


The memories  from childhood such as  going to the fair can bring a smile to your face.

Begin to think about the colors, smells and the people having a great time, and how much fun the rides are~ Today, I would not take a carnival ride if my life depended on it because I get scared and  then whiplash sets in!


As you age, you will begin to think about the past more. Maybe it is because you have more of a past! But for whatever reason, looking back is always there to greet you.

You may see someone that you haven’t seen for many years, and they look so very different, and then you begin to think, ” How do I look?”

Aging is something that many of us do not look forward to, but maybe we should. Maybe the recipe for a happier life is to look forward to slowing down a bit, and catching up with what you have always wanted to do.

I have a plan that has a list of the things I want to do before I die.  Traveling is at the top. I have to take a look at this world and the many differences there are in different parts of the world.

I plan to look back in a few years to see if I have done any of the goals that  I wanted to accomplish.

Aging can be beautiful

The peace bridge. A wonderful connection of the United States and Canada

The peace bridge. A wonderful connection of the United States and Canada

Think of old things as your way to reminisce on good past experiences. I went on an exploration down the Niagara River yesterday on the Miss Buffalo. What an experience it was. Exploring old relics like old buildings and boats can be a way to move onto what is important in life.

Set your priorities and be happy and joyful with living in the present moment in time.